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About Triage

Helping people succeed

Triage provides a range of education, skills and employability services that help people secure a job, progress in the workplace and build meaningful careers.

Delivering from locations across Scotland and England, Triage works with local, regional and national stakeholders to deliver government-led initiatives in the skills and employability sector. We work in partnership with public, private and community organisations to deliver a range of education, skills and employability programmes that respond to social and economic growth agendas.


Key Facts

Triage started in 1998

Triage has 165 employees 

Since 1999, we have helped 49,102 people into employment 

Since 2011, we have helped 4,992 learners gain qualifications 


Our mission is to develop new and innovative approaches to employment and training that work for both individuals and companies alike.

At Triage, we want to be known for our great people, our great service and our great results.

We deliver employability, skills and education services that help people find stable employment and improve their quality of life.

Ultimately, we want to help people succeed.

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Two Triage employees chatting over a hot drink.


With offices across the UK, our values are what helps unite our teams and provides us with a sense of belonging. No matter the office, or the colleagues, we feel a sense of community and that’s all because of our values.

For us, our values frame our interactions and set standards both internally and externally - they are the building blocks on how we do business.

Values aren’t just words or phrases that we use when it suits us. Our values help bring us together, they show off our personality and they help create our company culture.

Creating our values

Our values were created by our amazing values volunteers and their sidekicks; it was important that our values were decided by our people. We wanted to create values that could be incorporated into everyday life at Triage and for colleagues to be able to shout out their team members for never giving up, or for doing something amazing. We have five company values:


  • Thrive together: We rely on each other and understand that together we can achieve more.
  • Never give up: We don’t stand still and watch things happen - we’re the people making it happen.
  • Do something amazing everyday: We know that amazing things need to happen so that we can achieve amazing results.
  • Our knowledge is power: We use our knowledge to empower others and help people succeed in life.
  • Act with kindness: We embrace our differences and always listen to and respect the views of others.
11 Triage colleagues sitting round a table talking


Triage is committed to delivering a high-quality service to all people and organisations with whom we engage. The company holds the following accreditations:

  • Disability Confident Leader
  • Living Wage Employer
  • Independent European Certification ISO 9001
  • UKAS Management Systems ISO 27001
  • Matrix Accreditation for Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG)
  • Cyber Essentials Plus