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Employer offer

North East England

Helping local employers support local talent.

A no-cost recruitment service, funded by the government. We help businesses fill their vacancies with job-ready individuals from their community. We also support employers to create learning and development opportunities for existing employees through our accredited training business.

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Whether you have one vacancy or 100 vacancies, your dedicated Triage contact can help you find the right person first time round.

With our pre-screening offer, interview support and accurate job-matching record we are confident we can enhance employee retention and minimise the stress (and cost!) of recruitment.

We have access to a range of diverse, local talent who need the right employer to help them regain their financial independence through employment.


In addition to filling employer vacancies, Triage also offers employee training.

With up to 30 qualifications across six sectors, our training academies can help drive local business growth by providing responsive training for existing and new employees; we can train your new recruits before they join your business or upskill existing employees – our training solution is based entirely around your needs. 

Sector specific training includes, but is not limited to: hospitality, retail, business admin, warehousing, digital skills, health and social care, and support services.

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Disability Confident Leader

As a Disability Confident Leader, Triage have a responsibility to encourage other employers to attract and recruit disabled individuals and, provide a fully inclusive and accessible recruitment process. 

The Disability Confident campaign works with employers to remove barriers, increase understanding and ensure that disabled people can fulfil their potential. Disability Confident is creating a movement of change, encouraging employers to think differently about disability and take action to improve how they recruit, retain and develop disabled people.

By becoming a Disability Confident employer, you will have access to a wider talent pool, set an industry example and help employees reach their full potential while improving your engagement and retention. Better understanding of the experiences of disabled people will help you better serve and connect with a whole new customer base and community. 

More information is available here.

How it works

Step one: Get in touch

If you have a recruitment or training need, give us a shout. Email us on or call us on 01642 917015.

Step two: The brief

Within 24 hours of getting your message we will be in touch.

Step three: Watch us work our magic

It's time to let us do our thing, whether that's preparing a training package or finding suitable, local talent.

Step four: Continued support

Not only can we continue to offer your new recruits some in-work support ensuring high employee retention, we can also provide training for both new and existing team members. 

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