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Accessibility and Disability Discrimination Act Compliances

Increasing text size
If you would like to increase the size of the text in our website, you can do so through your browser.

Increasing text size in Microsoft Internet Explorer
To increase the text size in Microsoft Internet Explorer, select ‘View’, then ‘Text size’, then select the desired size.

Increasing text size in Firefox
To increase the text size in Firefox, simply use Ctrl and the ‘+’ key. To reduce the text size use Ctrl and the ‘-‘ key. Ctrl 0 sets the text to ‘normal’ size, the default setting for text throughout the site.

MAC users
MAC users should use the ‘apple’ key and ‘+’ keys to increase the text size, ‘apple’ and ‘-‘ to decrease the text size and ‘apple’ and ‘0’ to set the text to ‘normal’ size.

Using your mouse to increase text size
If you’re a Windows user with a scroll-wheel mouse, you can use ‘Ctrl’ and the scroll wheel to increase text size.

What to do if you do not use the browsers above
If you do not use Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox, look at your browser help section for tips on increasing text size.

Site accessibility
In phase 1 of the development of this website, all menus designed as text are navigable and scalable.

The site has alt tag descriptions for all of the imagery.