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Uliana’s Ukrainian UK venture

19 Dec 2023
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Ukrainian Graduate, Uliana Kharyton, 33, arrived in the UK determined to make her new life in Hartlepool a success.

“I wanted to build an organisation that would support and uplift Ukrainians who are trying to integrate into UK society,” said Uliana. 

In a remarkable journey of resilience and determination, that is exactly what Uliana managed to do.

Uliana joined the Restart Scheme in September 2023 and expressed her ambition to establish a business supporting Ukrainians with English translation, ESOL, and assistance with various documentation and educational applications. Recognising her potential, Uliana’s Employment Adviser, George Hamer, promptly referred her to Triage’s self-employment team to help turn her dream into a reality.

As any business owner knows, building a business takes time, effort and money. So, Uliana managed to get a job as an ESOL Tutor and Assessor using the income from this role to help fund her business, Ukraine in the UK (  

With a meticulously prepared business plan and thorough research, Uliana embarked on her self-employment journey. The self-employment team facilitated her with creating a website, devising strategies to connect with clients and organisations, and provided financial support towards some of her business costs.

Amy, Uliana’s Self-Employment Adviser, commends Uliana's engaging and enthusiastic approach:

"I have never met a more engaging and enthusiastic person during my time working at Triage. Every appointment and interaction with Uliana has been an exciting opportunity to further explore her ideas and provide valuable information, advice and guidance where needed. Uliana’s enthusiasm, rapport-building skills, and strategic planning have positioned her as a standout success story."

“Amy Crone has been a beacon of support since our initial encounter. Her positivity gave me more power and strengthened my conviction that everything is possible. People like her make this world a better place,” said Uliana.

Uliana's story echoes the transformative impact of the Restart Scheme, empowering individuals to not only secure employment but also pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations.

You can learn more about Uliana’s business here:


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